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“alchemy, not chemistry”


Here at Jampa’s we’re all about loving and caring (that’s what Jampa means in Tibetan, but more on him later).


We care about our planet and really don’t want to f**k it up more than we already have. We love the animals and the people we share it with it too. And we bloody love flavour – and texture, and taste.


Whether you’re hard-core vegan, raging carnivore, or new wave flexitarian, we don’t think you should be sold down the river with some dodgy wannabe that’s never going to cut the mustard. And so, we’re chuffed to pieces to bring you our mind-boggling pies – that’s not just us saying that by the way. Created with love, care, and a passion for life. Please, fill your boots.



to enjoy the pies

Are you old school or crazy progressive?

Be both!


If you’re a chilled pie eater…

Munch on the hoof; at your desk, straight from the fridge in the middle of the night. Or knife and fork job with the old ploughman’s. Boom!


Hot pie lover? 

You will be! Simply bob in a 180°C oven for 15 mins or microwave for 1 min 30 secs*. Get involved with a plant-based buttery mash, gravy, mushy peas – whatever rocks your pie boat. Absolutely stonking!

*900 watt microwave, 1 ½ mins at full power.

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Our founder, Chef, Foxy – who some years earlier had transitioned from old-school carnivore to totally vegan overnight – couldn’t get a decent plant-based pork-style pie for love nor money. And then lockdown happened. Suddenly, with no work and a lot of time, he got down to sorting it. The mission from day one was simple: to create something with the appearance, texture and most importantly, taste, of an actual pork pie. Fast forward eighteen months and the first Jampa’s porky pie was nervously previewed at the World Plant Based Expo in London, and BOOM! 

There was a universal: “it’s just like a pork pie but better”. All this with super low carbon emissions and absolutely no animals involved. Job done. Well not quite, because this is just the start of a Jampa’s plant-based culinary adventure.