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“Alchemy not chemistry.”
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Our founder and chef, Foxy (who some years earlier transitioned from old-school carnivore to totally vegan overnight)  couldn’t get a decent plant-based pork-style pie for love nor money.  And then lockdown happened.


Suddenly, with no work and a lot of time, he got down to sorting it.  The mission from day one was simple: to create something with the appearance, texture and most importantly, taste, of an actual pork  pie. Fast forward eighteen months and the first Jampa’s porky pie  was nervously previewed at the World Plant Based Expo in London,  and BOOM!

We only went and won the best product showcased on  the 'Dragons Pantry' feature.

There was a universal: “it’s just like a pork pie but better”. All this with super low carbon emissions and absolutely no animals involved. Job done. Well not quite, because this is just the start of a Jampa’s plant-based culinary adventure. Not only was the Jampa’s porky pie range born, but Richard has  been inspired beyond even his imagination to produce a growing  world of other meaty icons.



To make epic plant-based alternatives of  what, in a past life, were our founder, Foxys' ultimate meat  icons. I mean, you don’t cut down on, or give  up meat because you don’t like the  taste…HELLO?!

So, we’re talking cooking without  compromise here, and if we can’t make it  so it stands up to the best of its meat  alternative, we won’t make it at all.

And why Jampa’s? Well, apart  from the fact that it was the  name of one of our founder's  dogs, it also happens to mean  ‘Loving and caring’ in Tibetan –  which is our entire raison d’etre.


Jampa….."he sparked our plant-based revolution"

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